Retractable Glass Roof

The glass retractable roof is an ideal solution for homes, hotels, gardens or terraces and is one of the most demanded choices of our customers and hospitality professionals. It is a simple and very flexible way to gain useful space both at home and in our business.

The crystals are automatically retracted by electric motors, revealing two thirds of the opening, with smooth and quality movement, adding even more to the aesthetics of the construction. Each piece of the glass roof can be assembled independently, offering the possibility to partially open the cover surface. The length of the traverse reaches 7.5m.

In the case of private homes, which are a completely separate building, glass courtyard roofs have a different function. The roof can be used to extend the house during the winter months. This provides the opportunity to use this outdoor space during cold weather.

Thanks to the high levels of insulation, our glass patio ceilings allow you to extend the use of these outdoor spaces all year round.

Made with aluminum profiles that can be anodized or painted in a wide variety of RAL paints. The Openable Roof allows the maximum possible use of panels, reducing the visual barrier between interior and surrounding space.

Maximum width 5m
Maximum Projection 7m

* 35m2 is the maximum usage area for a single system

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