Aluminum Pergola

Aluminum Pergola where the user has the ability to adjust the opening of the pergola to the desired dimensions. When opened, the blinds take the position of 65° degrees and gather back to leave an opening of 2/3 of the pergola. The user can choose the desired opening of the pergola through the control. The pergola has the possibility to be supported with metal counters instead of the front aluminum columns.

The aluminum pergola with movable shade blinds has a perimeter waterproofing. The flow of rainwater is made with a special water-collector profile with de-icing inside the front aluminum pillars. Under the pergola there is the possibility to develop perimeter electrical systems of retractable glass windows.

Πέργκολα Αλουμινίου
Πέργκολα Αλουμινίου

Aluminum pergola for homes

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