Glass Ceilings

Retractable Glass Roof


Glass ceilings are a system of movable or fixed roof is an ideal solution for creating spaces in homes, hotels and restaurants.

It can be opened according to the requirements by: 4/3 – 5/4 – 1/2 etc. It operates with a water drainage system (gutter). Guaranteed not to get water. Maximum width of glass panel: 130 cm. The length can be 3 meters (with more bearings). An ideal way to book swimming pools, cafe & restaurant, patio, courtyards etc.

Γυάλινες Οροφές
Γυάλινες Οροφές

We make our lives easier by implementing our systems and eliminate stress with their excellent operation. We are distinguished because we adapt our systems to the needs of your space, we have a clear difference from competing products.

This system allows you to make the most of your space, under any weather conditions, providing excellent insulation and protection. The folding panels can be opened according to your wishes so that you can choose natural light, sun and air to enter your space.

Aluminum Glass Ceilings

The aluminum glass roofs connect us with the natural environment with the moving leaves open so that we can gaze at the sky and the rainy days of winter, thus participating in the enjoyment of the rain.

Glass ceilings are architecturally designed to fit into your space. The heavy-duty aluminum profiles that accompany the glass roof together with the 23mm double glazing ensure our safety and waterproof insulation. The movement of the glass frames is done through control.

Γυάλινες Οροφές